Dorky Geeky Nerdy Episode 75 | American History

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It’s America’s birthday. Let’s take a look at America’s history and see how much you remember from history class (and how much got left out).

When you’re done, drop us a line and let us know what you thought of the episode.

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10 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy Episode 75 | American History”

    • Wow, you came out swinging, didn’t you Brian? Completely fair, but it’s sort of a “Kick us while we’re down” thing, isn’t it? (Even so, still fair. I want Canada to annex my state.)

      Starting this out, I picture Eddie Izzard addressing me from the beginning of Dressed to Kill, asking “You know your own history, yeah?”

      No, Eddie, no I don’t. Score 14.

      There’s a glitch in question 1 in the Nerdy round.

        • No complaints here, I just wasn’t expecting it. For the record, I did know of most of the things you reference, but not the specific part of the thing you were asking about, such as Tulsa. I hadn’t heard of it before the Watchman series, but after I saw the first episode, I looked it up and was appropriately horrified.

          • TBF, when I started writing the 4th of July episode, I started off with the basics of the American Revolution. Then, after recent events, the whole show just felt way too white and way too male. I felt stupid running with “hey weren’t our founders great guys?” kind of whitewashed history. So, I dug in and went a little more hardcore history.

            If you didn’t know the answer, at least you learned something.

            • I didn’t keep track of my miserable score. It wasn’t zero, but I’m sure it was single digits. US history is not a huge focus in Canadian schools, though I suspect it’s a bigger focus than Canadian history is in US schools, and rightfully so: you have far more influence on us than we do on you.

              Still, I learned a lot, and like the focus you ultimately went with.

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