Dorky Geeky Nerdy #76 | Star Trek: The Animated Series

I bet you thought we’d forgotten about this, didn’t you? Fear not, Star Trek: The Animated series won’t be missed. Here are thirty questions to slake your Star Trek trivia thirst.

The often forgotten series didn’t run long, but it was memorable to those of us that got a chance to watch it. Try your best and then binge the series to pick up anything you missed.

When you are done, visit the other Star Trek series episodes.

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3 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #76 | Star Trek: The Animated Series”

  1. Post the podcast early, you get live commenting as I listen!! I did watch this show, it was a lot better than you’d expect.

    Round 1 – Score 1: Apparently, I didn’t actually remember much as I thought as my wrong answers were completely wrong, not just “I didn’t know that” wrong.
    Round 2 – Score 2: The one question I got right was the one question I was waiting the entire podcast for you to ask about.
    Round 3 – Score 9: Lucky guesses, FTW!

    If it weren’t for that last round, I think this might have been the worst score of any DGN podcast for me. Please don’t make me change my daughter’s name.

  2. I got 8/2/6, for a total score of 30.

    The abnormality of my interest in production details shows in the comparisons of scores in the geeky and nerdy rounds…

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