Shameless Promotion: The Light Between Stars

The Light Between Stars, an anthology released today, showcases a range of SF and Fantasy stories, from adult SF to YA dystopia and sub/urban fantasy.

I don’t know if any other Bureau-cats will review it. I have to recuse myself, as my short story, “The Rapture of Baatoon Hayes” appears in the anthology, alongside such exceptional work as Stephen B. Pearl’s post-apocalyptic adventure, “Tinker’s Toxin” (which led me to immediately order a novel by Pearl set in the same fictional universe), Hugh A.D. Spencer’s cryptic and literary “Nowhere to Nowhere.” and Simon A.G. Spencer’s excellent space-going “Awakening,” among others.

If you’d like to order a copy (paperback or e-book) or read a few reviews from elsewhere, please continue:

I recommend using the Publisher’s Store, as Amazon, Amazon UK, and Amazon Canada (where someone is currently selling advance copies at an inflated price) have handled pre-orders and it may or may not still be available there right now.

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Note that, while we’ve received strong reviews thus far at Goodreads, one of these gives a spoiler for part of the twist in my story.

Publisher’s News, including information on our forthcoming e-launch Saturday, August 1 at GenCon online.