In a move that will surprise no one, DC Universe’s content will migrate to HBO Max. DC Comics, of course, has experienced a serious shake-up in the last week, and the future of the company, once synonymous with comic books, remains in flux.

A quick checklist of known changes appears below:

WarnerMedia, which owns DC, has made several changes in the last week, with the following results:

-the surviving DC Universe content will move to HBO Max. Some shows, such as Stargirl, will remain as CW exclusives.
-at least 20% of DC’s staff have been laid off.
-Contrary to the online rumours the announcements have engendered, DC will continue to publish comic books. We do not know for certain what their future line-up will look like. Obviously, Warner will not abandon the valuable intellectual properties included among the DC characters.
-DC Direct will cease to exist in its current form. Future collectibles will be licensed to other companies.

The pandemic has hit the industry hard, the comic market has always changed with the times (remember that time Marvel teetered on the brink of extinction?), and, DC has made some problematic creative and business decisions in this century. Which creative decisions caused the most dissension varies wildly, depending on which DC fan you ask.