Dorky Geeky Nerdy #85 | Star Trek: The Original Series Movies

This week, we’re covering the first six Star Trek movies in one big episode in honor Star Trek’s 54th birthday. Running from 1979 to 1991, these movies proved that Star Trek could live outside the world of television and make entertain a whole new generation of fans.


4 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #85 | Star Trek: The Original Series Movies”

  1. Despite the later time I am listening, I warn you, I have not had my coffee yet.

    Dorky – ( 4 Correct, 4 points) – My guesses were great, apparently, but there were plenty I should have know that I whiffed on.
    Geeky – ( 3 Correct, 6 points)
    Nerdy – ( 1 Correct, 3 points)
    Total: Not worth the math.

    What I learned.

  2. Except for the first two, I think I’ve watched each movie once and then never again:

    Round One: 5 (5)
    Round Two: 6 (12)
    Round Three: 2 (6)


    • See, back in the 80’s and 90’s, all I had were the movies on VHS. I only had a couple of episodes of the shows recorded and would catch them whenever they were on TV. I know the first 6 movies backwards and forwards (probably to an unhealthy level).

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