Dorky Geeky Nerdy #88 | Name the Author, Science Fiction Edition

We’re back with our second Name the Author episode. This time, we’re hitting up Science Fiction. Quick and simple. We give you the title, you give us the author. It’s a mix of both old and new Sci-Fi, so make sure your brain is nice and limber.


3 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #88 | Name the Author, Science Fiction Edition”

  1. I am pretty sure my last try at this sort of thing I bombed, let’s see if I am any better today:

    Geeky – 9 Points, 9 right – Not only did I know them, I read a good chunk of them!
    Dorky – 2 Points, 1 right – I haven’t read any of them, but a surprising amount I never even heard of. The one I did get right is the one in its series I did not read.
    Nerdy – 0 Points, 0 right – I don’t want to talk about this round.

    Total: 11 points.

  2. Not quite as well as I hoped, but still okay:

    Round one: 10 = 10
    Round two: 6 = 12
    Round three: 4 =12


    I’ve read William Gibson’s latest. Just never got around to reviewing it.

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