The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
–old adage

I’ve been out of town, and so I’m posting this review a little late. I received an e-mail from Denis McGrath, the writer of last week’s ep; apparently, he sometimes reads this site. If anyone else associated with the show happens upon my reviews: you have one of the best shows on television, genre or otherwise.

This episode explores the implications of torture, terrorism, and other activities typical of action heroes.

Title: “The Enemy of My Enemy”


Jeffrey Pierce as Charlie Jade
Michael Filipowich as 01 Boxer
Tyrone Benskin as Karl Lubinsky
Michelle Burgess as Essa Rompkin
Marie-Julie Rivest as Jasmine/Paula
Patricia McKenzie as Reena
David Dennis as Sew Sew Tukkars
Danny Keogh as Julius Galt
Rolanda Marais as Blues Paddock


As Jade deals with the consequences of his acts last week, and his situation, we learn that someone else may be moving between universes. Meanwhile, 01 Boxer and Julius Galt find they share at least one common goal. Jasmine finds a way out of her dilemma, and Reena and Charlie finally meet.

The show hints at MK-Ultra-style brainwashing that actually worked in Alphaverse, which has affected Reena. Just maybe, it also offers a possible explanation for 01 Boxer’s personality shifts.

High Points:

“Very convincing, Julius. You should do summer stock.”
–01 Boxer

The genuine intensity of the scenes with Charlie and Reena, in the funhouse-like abandoned building. They took something out of a videogame and made it dramatically powerful….

Low Point:

…And then diminished it somewhat by intercutting scenes from the plot involving 01 Boxer and Julius Galt. In terms of pacing, this was wrong.

The Scores:

Originality: 5/6. Show me anything else like this on television right now. And few American television writers would dare devote so much time at present to exploring the fact that terrorists have motives that make perfect sense to them.

Effects: 6/6.

Story: 5/6. The last few episodes have moved the story arc in some interesting directions. As I’ve written previously: the story works well, but large portions of it would make little sense to anyone who has not viewed the show from the beginning.

Acting: 5/6. Good, as always, though Keogh’s indirect comments about Porter played like a bad Mafioso impersonation.

Emotional Response: 5/6

Production: 6/6.

Overall: 5/6.

In total, “The Enemy of My Enemy” receives 37/42

Additional Comments

This season features at least one more episode. In addition, a special recap/clip episode, “Can of Worms,” will air on Space July 28.