This week’s shipping
has a few items of interest. First and
foremost: Dark Horse’s Serenity prequel
trilogy, written by Joss Whedon, hits shelves today in
three variant covers. (Do you folks want this
reviewed an issue at a time, or all three issues
together?) Interested shoppers can also find
Essential Killraven Vol. 1, New Avengers
, Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 (marking
the return of Mark Millar and a cross-over with the
regular Marvel Universe), Ultimate X-Men #61
(which I’ll get in TPB form later on) and Ultimate
X-Men Vol. 11: The Most Dangerous Game
. Also
available are X-Men: The End: Book 2: Heroes and
Martyrs #5 of 6
, another one I’ll get in TPB
form, Superman / Batman Vol. 3: Absolute
in hardcover (I’m holding out for
paperback), Rann Thanagar War #3, All
Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #1

(featuring the return of Frank Miller to writing
Batman, with Jim Lee on pencils), Marvel Knights 4
Vol. 3
in TPB form, and new printings of
Essential Avengers Vol. 1 and Essential
Thor Vol. 1
, both of which have been reviewed.
(Those reviews can be found through this
, which includes every review written under
the 42 point system.)