Dorky Geeky Nerdy #90 | Quotable Harry Potter Trivia

What happens when you mix two of our listener’s favorites together? A Quotable Harry Potter episode!

We’re not quite done with Hogwarts and the Wizarding World. We’ll cook up more episodes in the future, so stay tuned. For now, enjoy the show.


3 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #90 | Quotable Harry Potter Trivia”

  1. Later in the day than usually…

    Geeky – Name the character – 7 points, 0 correct – This felt too easy, “I’m cheating” easy, until the halfway point. Also, you give away number ten with your inflection.
    Dorky – Name the book – 10 points, 5 correct – Many sounded a bit more epic than their place in the series would suggest.
    Nerdy – Name both – 0 points, 0 correct – If I were getting half points for one part correct… the score wouldn’t have changed much.
    Total 17 points

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