The Boys Season Two Discussion

Season Two wrapped up a week ago for Amazon’s series, The Boys. It was even more brutal than Season One. What say you kids? Good? Bad? Ugly?

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4 replies on “The Boys Season Two Discussion”

  1. The first season felt like The Boys had a goal. This season felt like it was treading water. The Seven got their hands on someone, and despite their repeated and flagrant disregard for other people’s lives, they would turn their biggest adversaries loose.

    That said, I did watch all of it and plan on watching next season, too, so… we’ll see.

    • I felt differently. The first season had a direction and some brilliant meta-moments. The second season had some strange decisions by characters, but satirically, it was brilliant, if over-the-top.

  2. I still enjoy the show very much. S2 did have some pretty cheesy moments and it very much looks like they’re not going to go the same way the books did with Black Noir, but hey.

    One thing I think is pretty funny is this show has no problem at all with people dying extremely violent deaths, what with heads exploding into a blood fountain and people routinely covered in blood and guts. No problem at all.

    But a couple of people are having sex? You better keep your clothes on for that!

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