Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia #92 | Vampires (Myths, Movies, and More)

It’s the last Wednesday before Halloween and our last chance for a chilling episode to set the mood. This week, it’s all about those charming bloodsuckers, Vampires. Their myths, their movies, and more are covered this week.


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  1. 10, 4, 2, for a total of 24.

    Yeah, not a huge vampire fan. Had no idea Jim Carrey was in that one, but I could only think of one movie that fit the rest of the description, and it was knowledge of Star Trek and… well, a roundabout way to know Lugosi’s last appearance that got me the nerdy points.

    I’m tempted to claim half a point for the “it wasn’t Tarantino, it was that other guy who directed ________” answer where I couldn’t come up with his name.

  2. Vampires!! Let’s see if my love of Buffy helps me today.

    Dorky – 7 right, 7 points – I didn’t know that King story was about Vampires.
    Geeky – 4 right, 8 points – It’s a bit embarrassing that I got the Sesame Street question right and saw Milla’s movie. (It’s pretty to look at, but it works better when you appreciate more as a colorful screensaver than a story.)
    Nerdy – 3 right, 9 points – “Oh, that one where McCoy’s old flame is…” is not the name of the episode. (Also, Blaine’s comment helped me get that answer.)
    Total – 14 right, 24 points – No Buffy questions?!

  3. 8= 8 That King story is his first novel, though it was the second published, and the first one of his that I read.


    And of course, the most iconic character from that 60s/70s soap did not appear until episode 211 (or 210, if you want to get picky).

    • I did learn that about BC during my research, but figured he was the most famous character and the episode is all about vampires…so…

      • Try being the kid who heard all about the show with the vampire, the kid who has read a few of the Gold Key Dark Shadows comics, who finally gets to watch the early reruns… And has to endure a hundred hours of gothic soap opera before Barnabas ever appears.

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