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          • I tried it a few different ways from the web site, even this:
            alexius@Darkholme:~/Downloads$ wget https://dorkygeekynerdy.com/podcast-download/6837/episode-95-toy-story-movie-trivia-pixar.mp3?ref=download
            --2020-11-18 11:41:15-- https://dorkygeekynerdy.com/podcast-download/6837/episode-95-toy-story-movie-trivia-pixar.mp3?ref=download
            Resolving dorkygeekynerdy.com (dorkygeekynerdy.com)..., 2607:f1c0:100f:f000::231
            Connecting to dorkygeekynerdy.com (dorkygeekynerdy.com)||:443... connected.
            HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
            Length: 100818 (98K) [application/force-download]
            Saving to: ‘episode-95-toy-story-movie-trivia-pixar.mp3?ref=download’

            episode-95-toy-story-movie-trivia-pixar.mp3?ref=download 100%[==================================================================================================================================================================>] 98.46K --.-KB/s in 0.1s

            2020-11-18 11:41:16 (836 KB/s) - ‘episode-95-toy-story-movie-trivia-pixar.mp3?ref=download’ saved [100818/100818]

            You can see the resulting file is 98.46K. Podcast Addict seems to get a file that is 101kb, but it doesn’t play, and I suspect it’s the same file.

            • Weird. I’ve removed that PNG and renamed the MP3 associated with the episode. Maybe that’ll help. Podcast Addict plays my MP3 (as does iTunes on my PC). According to the site’s stats, people are downloading the audio like normal.

              I see the wrong file size in the RSS, but clicking Play In New Window works. Just not the Download link.

              • No changes, until I removed ?ref=download from the end, then I got the MP3. weird.

                I better score really high after all the work I put in to get it, huh? Even if not, I got my wife to play alongside, so there’s twice the points!

                Dorky – 6 Points, 6 correct – My wife assures me “That Ernest guy!” is an acceptable answer for the actual name.
                Geeky – 8 Points, 4 correct – The singer? Figures. The short film? There was a short film?
                Nerdy – 3 Points, 1 correct

                My wife’s totals:
                Dorky – 1 Points, 1 correct – Not the same point I got.
                Geeky – 4 Points, 2 correct – We both watched that other movie.
                Nerdy – 3 Points, 1 correct – Roseanne’s sister was deemed acceptable.

                My score is 17 points, my wife’s inaugural score was 8, which is great for not really watching them a lot.

                Also, totally worth all the effort to get the file.

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