Dorky Geeky Nerdy #97 | Quotable 1970’s Trivia

Between the turbulent 60’s and Reagan-era 80’s, sat the 1970’s. A period of transition. For this week’s Quotable episode, we’re offering a new spin. Each round will be from a different area of the 1970’s. Round one will be movie quotes. Round two, TV show quotes. Round three will be real-world quotes from world leaders, celebrities, and so on.

Pretty simple, right?


5 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #97 | Quotable 1970’s Trivia”

  1. I answered as I was in the car, but Dorky was 4, Geeky was 6, and Nerdy was 2, and the last half were all lucky guesses. That was actually a surprisingly high number, I thought.

  2. Round One: 6 (six)
    Round Two: 7 (fourteen)
    Round Three: 5 (fifteen)

    Interesting program,once again!
    But I must be that guy, and point out that a certain Round One quotation comes from Star Wars. There was no film called, Star Wars: A New Hope in the 1970s.

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