The Fantastic Four enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jon Watts, no stranger to superhero films, will be directing the long-awaited entry of The Fantastic Four into the MCU.

The heroes of the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine have experienced their share of dubious adaptations. Will the MCU magic work again? Will Reed be one of those students funded by Tony Stark a few movies ago?

And who would you cast?

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    • Lex’s link says:
      Reed: David Tennant
      Sue: Georgia Tennant
      Johnny: Dan Stevens
      Ben Grimm (Before): Dwayne Johnson
      The Thing (Voice): Danny DeVito
      Dr. Doom: Michael Sheen
      Namor: John Barrowman

      Interesting choices.

      Although it’s implausible, I think it would be interesting if they kept Johnny YA at the point of origin. It would make more sense of the Spidey/Torch crossovers to come if they’re close in age.

      • Yes. Yes… yes!!! Tom Holland and a similarly aged, blond hot shot actor who has that bromance chemistry with him for a…….

        Sorry, Dan, we are going in a different direction.

    • The MCU movies vary in quality, but they’ve done impressive things with Marvel’s B-listers. Now that they can use the Fantastic Four, we’re seeing the best shot at a good movie about them.

      It certainly won’t be any worse than what we’ve seen before.

      My major concern is superhero/MCU fatigue. We had a conclusion, of sorts, to the first wave of Marvel movies. Has their time come and gone? Can they build new momentum with Spidey, Captain Marvel, the FF, Namor, the She-Hulk (still in development hell, so far as I know), the aging Avengers, and, potentially, the HBO Marvel heroes, over whom they will soon regain rights?

      • I have been waiting since 2007 for them to release a new Fantastic Four movie. Rise of the Silver Surfer wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible, and now that Marvel has the deep pockets to do it all correctly, I definitely am waiting for this one.

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