Dorky Geeky Nerdy #99 | Movie Musical Trivia

99 episodes! Next week is the big 100! For now, we’re going to talk about Movie Musicals. These are either original musicals for the big screen or adaptations of stage musicals.

Either way, we’re going have some fun and maybe sing along, if you know the words (and even if you don’t we won’t judge).


4 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #99 | Movie Musical Trivia”

    • Wow, another one I got past Blaine on? Without having my morning coffee and while out driving in a snowstorm, too. I’m going to start trying out for MENSA!

      Dorky – 7 correct, 7 points
      Geeky – 4 correct, 8 points
      Nerdy – 2 correct, 6 points

      If we can sing the songs, did we get bonus points? Also, the two musicals I can just about quote from memory weren’t listed, Once More With Feeling and Hamilton.

      • I don’t know if either of those count as Movie Musicals, but maybe in a broader “Musicals” episode, they’ll get their moment.

        • Yeah, I guess that’s fair. I think Hamilton was going to be a theatrical release until COVID, but Buffy was always a TV show (even if they put her in a theater or two at some point.)

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