Dorky Geeky Nerdy #100 | Star Trek Trivia Spectacular

Has it really been one-hundred episodes? Feels like it was only yesterday I was putting this thing together on a whim. Well, here we are. 100 episodes. Over 30,000 episode downloads. What a wild ride.

This week, we’re going back to where it all began, Star Trek. This time, the questions can come from anywhere in the Star Trek universe. Any series. Any movie. And elsewhere.

Also, we’re turning this episode up to 40. That’s right, the Freaky Round is back. Well, don’t just sit there letting me prattle on, get going and listen!


5 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #100 | Star Trek Trivia Spectacular”

  1. Not as good as I’d hoped, but I’ve missed a lot of post-NextGen Trek and I haven’t read a Trek novel since the 70s:

    Round 1: 9
    Round 2: 3
    Round 3: 7
    Round 4: 2

    However, I’m adding +1 to Round 4 for 3 points. The first Trek arcade game is actually (mouse over) Star Trek, a licensed pinball game introduced in 1979. I knew that answer.

  2. Congratulations on episode 100!!! I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, and my total score for all 100 is 1,203.5 points.

    Dorky – 6 correct, 6 point – I said the wrong spin-off!
    Geeky – 2 correct, 4 point – Too many “I should have known that!” I even played that Voyager game.
    Nerdy – 2 correct, 6 point – Wait, that wasn’t Mudd?
    Freaky – 0 correct, 0 point – I was off by four years. No points for rounding, right?

    My score might not be as high as I like, but I have a badass 8 year old named Majel, so clearly I already won.

    (Yes, I made up that total score, I haven’t even kept total scores in each of these posts. 😆)

  3. The Geeky round continues to be my bane.

    Dorky: 9 (Missed #7)
    Geeky: 1 (Got #4)
    Nerdy: 5 (Got 4, 5, 7, 8, 10)
    Freaky: 4 (Got 5, 6, 8, 10)

    Well done on keeping this going! Not only have you produced 100 great episodes, you are one of the few podcasts that hit all 100 on schedule. The median average lifetime of podcasts out there now is 14 episodes, so you’ve done extremely well!

    • Thanks Blaine (and everyone). It’s been alternately easy and tough. Some episodes write themselves and others are a fight. But, by and large, it’s still been “doable” and something that doesn’t require a bunch of effort. Next year, I hope to have more time to narrate books and get these episodes “in the can” earlier on.

  4. You guys (despite my nitpicking) do a great job on this, and I look forward to these podcasts.

    Topic to consider: songs related to nerdy stuff. Theme songs. Famous filks. Pop songs about superheroes. Songs used in SF media. I don’t recall there being one like that, unless I missed it.

    Have your people email my people ;)

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