Dorky Geeky Nerdy #103 | Superman Trivia

Look up in the sky!

It’s episode 103 and I am a little embarrassed that it has taken so long to get around to such an iconic character as Superman. But, we rectify this today!

So pull on your tights and we will get this show on the road.


3 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #103 | Superman Trivia”

  1. Dorky round: I’m claiming 10, even though I had a different answer for one of them. The answer in the podcast did not exist as a legal entity for another 25 years or so, but I named the company that merged with another company to form the answer given.

    Geeky Round: 10/10

    Nerdy round: Damn my knowledge of the entire subject area related to question 5! I also missed #7 and #9, so I ended up at 7/10.

    I owe so much of my success this week to podcast research and listening…

  2. I listened as I was driving today, so I didn’t get to post in real time. I’m a comic book guy, Superman’s common knowledge, even if he’s DC I should do well, right?

    Dorky 7 (7)
    Geeky 7 (14)
    Nerdy 0 (0)

    Not as bad as it felt like when I was taking the quiz, but yeah, Make Mine Marvel.

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