Lurch Kimded writes, I was blessed (as were 500 other people) to see last night the world premier of Serenity at the Edinburgh Film Festival. The Cast and Joss Whedon attended and did a short Q&A afterwards which was hugely enjoyable… anyway, I though it’d be amiss if I did not try and review this amazing film. I have tried to keep spoilers out of the review so anyone can read it. I read the review before I posted it, and can testify to the mild nature of spoilers. (When I say mild, I mean that the only things revealed here are also revealed in the trailers.)

Cast and Crew

Nathan Fillion …. Capt. Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds
Gina Torres …. Zoë Warren
Alan Tudyk …. Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne
Morena Baccarin …. Inara Serra
Adam Baldwin …. Jayne Cobb
Jewel Staite …. Kaylee Frye
Sean Maher …. Dr. Simon Tam
Summer Glau …. River Tam
Ron Glass …. Shepherd Meria Book

Written and Directed by Joss Whedon


River and Simon are still running from an ever increasing paranoid Alliance who send a deadly assassin after them who will stop any nothing to capture or destroy his target.

High Point

Trying to pick just one is quite hard, but the revealing of River after a fight with Reavers, it may be very Buffy but still it was immensely cool.

Low Point

As sad as this is, the low point is the history of why we have this film, also you could argue the film only has the proper impact if you have watched and enjoyed the TV show.

The Scores

Firefly always felt unique to me, Serenity being a continuation continue that feeling. Although the story did feel, occasionally, like I had seen it before (although never done so well). So overall I’d say 5 out 6.

An even higher standard than in the TV series, well, what would you expect. Not a single complaint, the subtle and obvious effects blended brilliantly. 6 out of 6 (only because I am trying not to overly judge the fact I can tell when something is CG more than most)

The plot revolves around your typical “government has messed around with smart kids and turned them into trained killers but one of them knows something” and yet Whedon (and the cast) manage to make it feel fresh and interesting. There are a lot of interesting small pieces of information (some obvious, some not so) which hint more at what the world of Firefly and Serenity are like. 5 out of 6, just because occasionally it does do what you expect.

Was top notch, the timing of these guys is brilliant. They played off each other creating a real feeling of watching something that was happening rather than some actors pretending. Even the facial expressions and background comments were excellently executed. 6 out 6.

Emotional Response
Always the hardest to judge, if you have watched the series then the emotional impact is high and quite intense in places. The cast talked after the movies how a couple of them, even though they knew what was about to come, still held hands as it happened. If you haven’t seen Firefly (the question has to be asked, why?) then it would be slightly muted, perhaps, so 5 out of 6.

Its Whedon, what do you expect, dross? The production was superb. 6 out 6

Being at any World Premier is probably going to give a film a rosy tint, being at the World Premier of Serenity is DEFINANTLY going to tint my perspectives. Yet trying my best to be analytical, and unbiased I am still left with my jaw firmly dropped. This is one Science Fiction film that should be seen, and if we are lucky we may get more (if what Joss Whedon said in the Q&A is correct. Overall 6 out of 6

So in Total Serenity gets 39 out of 42 (and that me being probably overly brutal if I went with my heart and soul it have got the full 42 out of 42).