Dorky Geeky Nerdy #115 | Name That 70’s Band

Are you ready to rock? How about some 70s Band Trivia? This week, we give you three song titles from the 1970s, you just have to guess the band. Simple and yet not-so-simple. Just like we did for the 80s, you have to guess what band sang the songs.

Don’t worry, we’ll cover other decades in future episodes, so stay tuned.


3 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #115 | Name That 70’s Band”

  1. Being born in the tail end of this decade and never really developing a taste for it, I expect to do very poorly.

    Dorky – 9 right, 9 right – I knew that, that was the 70s?
    Geeky – 5 right, 10 right – I knew a lot of those songs, such as the location based names, but not the band names.
    Nerdy – 5 right, 15 right – Okay, fine, I thought I knew that bands and you named songs I didn’t. You win. (Also, I knew those before Guardians of the Galaxy!)

    Okay, not nearly as poorly as I expected.If I had checked my MP3 collection, I probably would have gotten a few more right in that second round, too!

  2. This was the decade of my childhood and the start of high school, and I had my teen job as an equipment operator with a DJ service, so I’d hoped for 100%. Sadly, I was stung by a certain band in the last round, and then I choked on one I knew.

    Dorky: 10/10 (10)
    Geeky: 10/10 (20)
    Nerdy: 8/10 (24)

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