Dorky Geeky Nerdy #117 | Star Trek Movies 7-10

The adventure doesn’t end on the small screen. This week, we’re heading into the theaters (remember those?) with Star Trek: The Generation Movie Trivia. Specifically, Star Trek movies 7 through 10.

That just leaves us with the new Star Trek movies that started in 2009. Stay tuned for those in a future episode.


4 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #117 | Star Trek Movies 7-10”

  1. Well, this is probably my worst showing since, I don’t know, “Musical Theatre.” I didn’t pay much attention to these films, beyond seeing them once (I sort-of saw First Contact a second time. I almost followed Sirtis’s lead while watching Insurrection).

    Round One: 7 (7)
    Round Two: 2 (4)
    Round Three: 3 (9)

  2. I listened in the shower, so I just have my totals today: Dorky – 6, Geeky – 4, Nerdy – 4. I remember thinking “That had a name?” more than once, I got a character, but not actor, and I wanted to point out that the iconic song that was an answer was a live cover, which was why it doesn’t sound like the popular version.

    Also, I gotta shout out my daughter’s namesake! Somebody has got to make a voice font of her so that she can keep playing the same roll she was an answer for.

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