The conclusion of last week’s episode delves deeply into Baltar’s relationship with Six, and into human mythology.


James Callis as Dr. Gaius Baltar
Edward James Olmos as Commander Adama
Mary McDonnell as President Laura Roslin
Katee Sackhoff as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace
Jamie Bamber as Lee “Apollo” Adama
Richard Hatch as Tom Zarak
Michael Hogan as Col. Tigh
Tricia Helfer as Number 6
Grace Park as Sharon “Boomer” Valerii

Tahmoh Penikett as Helo


Roslin’s party continue their trek to find the Tomb of Athena on Kobol. On Galactica, Adama decides to reunite the fleet.

High Points

  • The opening scene, alternating between Galactica and Kobol
  • Gaius and Six in sickbay
  • “Freaking hypochondriac. One on every bloody ship.”
  • “We’re standing on it. We’re standing on Earth.”

Low Point

To start with it looks like the Gaius/Six scenes are going to be extremely dull. This is an impression that’s unfortunate, because they’re not.

The Scores

As usual with Galactica it felt very original. It wasn’t entirely new elements – no story ever is – but the classic twists of betrayal, prophecy, self-doubt and a little bit of psychosis were woven together to make a plot which feels surprising and interesting at almost every turn. Five out of six.

The effects were flawless. Nothing particularly challenging in this episode of course – the hardest part was entirely CGI, and we know how good the people who do the space shots for Galactica are. Six out of six – you can see where they are, but not because they look fake, just because you know what they’re showing you is impossible.

As the second of two parts, the story had to deliver a worthy conclusion, and it did. Or at least, it delivered as much of a conclusion as you’re going to get in an arc-driven series devoid of filler episodes. It marks quite a milestone in the development of the arc, and will clearly influence the stories for the rest of the season. Certain lines from Boomer give us much to think about as well, and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Baltar’s confusion over what Six really is. I give it five out of six.

We have on Galactica the privilege of watching as fine a cast of actors as you’re likely to see in one show anywhere. Grace Park has been disappointing at times in the past – particularly in the first season – but in the last few episodes she has really found her feet and is delivering much better performances. Tricia Helfer is also showing herself to be entirely capable of her undeniably challenging role. The acting score is only let down by the supporting cast – particularly Zarek’s associate. I wasn’t entirely convinced, or perhaps it’s because his role was slightly generic. Five out of six.

The emotional response is always strong. This episode gave us several strongly emotional scenes, one of which is listed as a high point above. A good variety too – from relief to sympathy to amusement. Five out of six.

I couldn’t see anything at fault with the production. At no point do you ever think that they’re not really where they’re supposed to be. Six out of six.

My overall score is six out of six. This episode may well be the best so far this season, but it’s difficult to tell because they just keep on turning out episodes which exceed expectations.

Which leaves us with a total score of thirty-nine out of forty-two.