Dorky Geeky Nerdy #120 | Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Trivia

Begun the Attack of the Clones Trivia has. We’re diving into Episode II of the Star Wars franchise this week with thirty questions. As always, it’s three rounds (Dorky, Geeky, and Nerdy) of ten questions each. How well do you score? Are you a Padawan, a Knight, or a Jedi Master?

2 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #120 | Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Trivia”

  1. Ah, Attack of the Clones, where we hadn’t see better chemistry than Padme and Anakin since Neo and Trinity in The Matrix.

    Dorky – 6 right, 6 points – Yeah, I am not sure I have sat through this again since the theater.
    Geeky – 3 right, 6 points –
    Nerdy – 2 right, 6 points – I got the Star Trek question.

    That was a hellish scoring, wasn’t it?

    • Yeah, it was a pretty forgettable movie save for the final battle. That was pretty cool on the big screen.

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