Dorky Geeky Nerdy #122 | Name that Comedy Movie Trivia

Who needs a good laugh? I know I do. How about some Comedy Movie Trivia?

This week, we’re going to give you two of the stars of the film and the year it was released. You just have to tell us the title. Simple setup, tricky questions. But I know you’ve got this, movie nerds.


3 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #122 | Name that Comedy Movie Trivia”

  1. I expect a low score, I am bad with dates and stars. Besides, half the time the same duo will two three dozen computers and you’d need the year to determine which, which I won’t have.

    …yeah, what you said in the intro.

    Dorky – 4 right, 4 points – “That was a comedy?”
    Geeky – 5 right, 10 points – I know my Pythons, apparently. Also, if you say a movie over and over, eventually it shows up.
    Nerdy – 3 right, 6 points – “I got one!” I got more, but they were all at the end.

    Not as bad as I’d expect. That was a fun format!

    • I’ve got another Name That episode coming this Summer. People seem to like them AND they’re a lot easier to research/write.

  2. Dorky – 8 for 8 points. Unless I get bonus points for hearing the two stars and predicting the year before Brian says it.
    Geeky – 7 for 14 points.
    Nerdy – This is an estimate, as I was part way through when I got to work and had to resume after, but I think it was around 5 for 15 points.

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