SurrealEstate: “The Harvey”

A child’s imaginary friend keeps the Roman agency hopping.

Title: “The Harvey”

Cast and Crew

Director: Paul Fox
Writer: George Olson

Tim Rozon as Luke Roman
Sarah Levy as Susan Ireland
Adam Korson as Father Phil Orley
Maurice Dean Wint as August Ripley
Savannah Basley as Zooey L’Enfant
Tennille Read as Megan Donovan
Patrick Dempsey as Tom Quincy
Allison Moira Kelly as Patty Quincy
David Kohlsmith as Jamie Quincy
Molly Lewis as Cindy
Michelle Lambert as Lorraine Danvers
Stephen Coombs as Mike Danvers
Matt White as Brock Harlow
Paul Ewan Wilson as Anthony Tamblyn
Alison Woolridge as Constance
Sharon Hynes as Demon
Art Hindle as Carl Roman


A family’s problems stem from the son’s imaginary friend, a little girl in a gingham dress who is not what she seems.

High Point

The second episode features an impressive opening (see “Effects”), focuses on developing the characters further, and features an enigmatic epilogue. The show remains entertaining…

Low Point

…and this episode features a serviceable horror premise. They make too little of it. The agency suspects the truth, confirms it, and (after dealing with problems created by the newby) resolve the matter a little too easily.

The Scores:

Originality: 2/6

Acting: 5/6 A strong main cast give solid performances in an episode that emphasizes character revelation and development.

Story: 4/6 We have a good character episode this week, somewhat at the expense of plot.

Production: 6/6 The show features solid production.

Effects: 5/6 Although we have some impressive contemporary effects, the strongest visuals occurs in the opening. The practical effects could have been created fifty years ago, but the handling of them produces an explosive and impressive hook for the show.

Emotional Response: 4/6

Overall: 5/6 The show remains entertaining, even if the second episode feels a little weak, plot-wise. They make amends by setting up the backstory and important underlying elements without intruding excessively on the main plot.

Although we’re still in an unidentified part of North America, a couple of references suggest the show is not just filmed in Canada. SurrealEstate may actually take place t/here.

In total, SurrealEstate, “The Harvey,” receives 31/42

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  1. I actually had to rewind and see if I heard what I thought I did at the mention of filling out a TD1. But there are other references that suggest locations in the US as well, at least in passing, anyway. I have a feeling it’s really just the standard “Canmerica” where a random hodgepodge of Canadian and US things exist and the border is essentially nonexistent, but maybe the producers will have the guts to outright state that it’s set in Canada and stick to it in subsequent seasons.

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