Dorky Geeky Nerdy #131 | Disneyland Trivia

It’s been a year. Why not take a stroll down memory lane to the self-proclaimed “Happiest Place on Earth.” That’s right, this week, we’ve got Disneyland Trivia. It seemed the right time to tackle it as Summer is in full swing and the latest ride-based movie, Jungle Cruise, hits theaters this week.


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  1. I have been to Disney World twice, but never to the left coast version. Let’s see how much carries over:

    Dorky – 4 correct, 4 points – More were accurate across parks than I got right. And thanks, now that song is in my head forever. Again.
    Geeky – 3 correct, 9 points – Not that song, the other is more infectious.
    Nerdy – 0 correct, 0 points – Even if this referred to Disney World, my score wouldn’t be better.

    Okay, for as many things as I didn’t know, this is one of my favorites because I love how many tiny secrets and attention to detail the mouse and his employees put in everything.

    • I’m a native Californian, so Disneyland is my original park and I’ve been there a lot. I’ve only done Disney World once. It’s impressive, but there’s something “special” about Anaheim. I’ve heard people describe it as the “Spirit of Walt” that resides there. I don’t know. I recommend it at least once. DCA wasn’t great when it opened, but now it’s a blast (Radiator Springs at night is fantastic).

      Fear not, Disney World will be getting its own episode later this year. (You can probably guess when, if you think about it)

      • I’d love to visit, but from this side of the country, a tour of the west coast would have many stops that would rank above even Disneyland. If I could get a nice six month vacation scheduled…

  2. I’ve only ever been to the California park, when I was twelve.
    I’d like to go to the trivia competition, but the link seems to have vanished.

    Update: Never mind. I’ll add it.

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