Don Adams dead from lung infection

Don Adams, best known as the bumbling Agent 86 on Get Smart and the voice of Inspector Gadget died yesterday at the age of 82.

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  1. I’m Dating Myself Here…
    …but some of the best times of my childhood were popping up popcorn and going out into our utility room for a cheap orange soda pop and settling down for a new episode of Get Smart with my dad. That and Adam-12 were the only TV shows we ever really watched together, so it was something special. Would you believe…a truly a great, classic show anchored by a brilliant actor.

    Don Adam’s Emmy-award winning comedic timing for this show and his whole hi-tech takeoff on the 007 fad of the time were absolutely hilarious. Most amazing of all, we’ve gone from laughing then about the implausibility of his shoephone to carrying around Captain Kirk’s communicator ourselves today from another much-less-popular-at-the-time NBC show of the same era.

    Still no Hymie the Robot, tho…

    • Ooops…1960s TV Robots
      Forgot to include a link to Hymie. If you’d taken a poll in the mid-1960s, I’ll bet more Americans probably knew who Hymie was than that other robot. Of course, both were overshadowed by the most famous 1960s TV robot of all, a pre-Catwoman Julie Newmar playing Rhoda…every boy’s dream in more ways than one. Can you BELIEVE that the idiots at CBS DESTROYED all of the recordings of My Living Doll? Now it’s like some lost Greek play, legendary among those who saw it and destined to never be seen again…

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