Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

This trailer, released earlier in the week, gives a pretty detailed look at the next Spider-man film. Peter, MJ, Doctors Strange and Octopus, and earth going through a difficult spell:

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  1. The internet is webbed with rumours. I can vouch for none of the following:

    -Matt Murdoch will be Peter’s lawyer (seen in shadow), thus finally showing the Netflix characters in the broader MCU (which the TV series referenced)
    -The MCU Spidey will go through the multiverse, encountering previous Sony Spider-men
    -Williem Dafoe will turn up (we do see a Green Goblin bomb)
    -Jamie Foxx will return as Electro (more or less confirmed, but not necessarily for this film)
    -Michael Keaton will make, at least, a cameo as the former Vulture.
    -The film will directly reference both the forthcoming Shang-Chi (next month) movie and the Loki series.
    -May Parker will use Pym Particles to become the Amazing Aunt-Woman.

  2. Seeing Molina back as Doctor Octopus brought a huge smile to my face. Killing him off in Spider-Man 2 was such a bonehead move. One of the best villains we’ve had (and I’d argue one of the best cinematic Spider-Man villains to date).

    • I’ll also just add how I love that they’ve written in Tom Holland’s inability to keep his mouth shut (when he should) as a catalyst for everything going wrong.

      • The meta-context has been great, too. I like how everyone guessed Mephisto for Wandavision, and after that they are throwing as many devilish references as they can into things.

        Of course, that very well could be because Mephiso is intended to be a Phase three-through-twenty-three villain and they want to tease everyone, but I don’t think it’s Disney going, “Mephisto, eh? You caught us red-handed…”

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