Dorky Geeky Nerdy #135 | Ancient Rome Trivia

History class is back in session, folks. Are you ready? This week, we are heading way back for some Ancient Rome Trivia. I’ve let you all slack off this Summer, so it’s time to hit the books and delve into some ancient history with our show this week.


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  1. Rome! I love Rome! I took two years of Latin in high school, let’s see how it helps. I know my spelling and English comprehension improved immensely. (At least until the crutch of the red wavy line made me stop trying.)

    Dorky – VIII right, VIII point – I graded myself harshly.
    Geeky – IV right, VIII point – This was surprising what I didn’t know.
    Nerdy – I right, III point – Fascinating details, obviously I didn’t know most of them.
    Total – XIII points, XIX points

    Great episode!

    • It finally happened… I outscored Blaine!

      This is another point to my theory that having kids means you have to take some of your intellect and give it to them. The smarter you want your kids to be, the less sharp you become.

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