Dorky Geeky Nerdy #138 | Hunger Games Trivia

Do you volunteer as Tribute? Well, this week we’ve got 30 questions on Hunger Games Trivia.

It seems weird that we’ve waited this long to tackle the mega hit series, but here we are. Maybe our own brush with the apocalypse will give a new appreciation for the popular post-apocalyptic books and movies.


2 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #138 | Hunger Games Trivia”

  1. I saw the first movie sometime when it came out, but that’s it. I tend to confuse it with “In Time,” the Justin Timeberlake movie, because I think I saw them near each other. My wife saw the movies, read the books, then rewatched the movies, so maybe I’ll get some points through proximity?

    Dorky – 1 right, 1 points – I guessed the first one, which gave me false hope.
    Geeky – 2 right, 4 points – “Rita Skeeter” is not correct.
    Nerdy – 0 right, 0 points – I should have at least figured out the Latin.

    Next week should be more my speed, no rest for the wicked web spinner.

  2. Is it weird that there is an error in one of the questions?

    In the question Before Katniss and Peeta who was the only other tribute from District 12 – every hunger games there were 2 tributes selected from District 12. There has only ever previously been one Victor from District 12 prior to the events of “The Hunger Games”.

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