Weekly Comics Discussion – October 5, 2005

week’s shipping list
includes such gems from DC as
the Arkham Asylum Anniversary Edition, the
final issues of the Return of Donna Troy and
Rann / Thanagar War miniseries, Elfquest
Archives Vol. 3
, the start of the Robotech:
The Shadow Chronicles
miniseries, Watchmen:
The Absolute Edition
, a new edition of V for
, and the Showcase Presents
Metamorpho Vol. 1
collection of low-cost Silver
Age reprints. (I’m happy with the paper and
reproduction quality of the Superman and
Green Lantern volumes I picked up last week,
though I don’t have enough interest in Metamorpho to
grab this set.) Marvel’s offerings include a reprint
of Astonishing X-Men #12, which has once
again delayed the release of the TPB I’ve been waiting
for, Powers #13, Supreme Power: Nighthawk
, and Uncanny X-Men #465. You can
also grab a copy of The Complete Calvin and
this week at some comic shops, and many