Cyan Worlds: “We’re not dead yet!”

From Sci-Fi Wire: Reports of the demise of Myst developer Cyan Worlds have been greatly exaggerated, according to the San Jose Mercury News and the GameSpot Web site. Cyan Founder Rand Miller confirmed separately to both sources that the company is rehiring most of its workforce and will continue to develop new games.

In early September, Richard A. Watson, Cyan’s official historian of the D’ni culture featured in the Myst games, told SCI FI Wire that Cyan was shutting its doors and laying off its staff indefinitely, but said the closure might be temporary.

According to Miller, the company’s doors have now reopened. “We’ve had a reprieve,” Miller told the Mercury News.
“[We’ve] managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat (that I can’t give details about yet), so we rehired almost everybody. Crazy industry. It’s giving me whiplash!” Miller gave a similar confirmation to GameSpot, but provided few details to either source.

Cyan previously stated that its recent release, Myst V: End of Ages, which came out Sept. 22, is the final installment in its signature franchise.