Dorky Geeky Nerdy #151 | Name That Christmas Song Trivia

They’re blaring out of stores and radios, so why not have a little Christmas Song Trivia to kick off the season. This week, I’m giving you a snippet of the lyrics and you’ve got to guess the song. Some are common tunes and others are more obscure, traditional ones.

Either way, I think everyone is going to have a little fun. Grab some egg nog and let’s get started.

Feel like cheating? Here’s a Spotify Playlist with all the songs on it.


9 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #151 | Name That Christmas Song Trivia”

  1. This sounds like fun! My holiday stream is here.

    Dorky – 9 right, 9 points – Wait, did I get that song wrong, or do I not know the name?
    Geeky – 6 right, 12 points – “Guh, I know that song, but I couldn’t get the name in time!” Lots of those, here. Like, I knew the song, but getting the title was the challenge.
    Nerdy – 7 right, 21 points – Here are the first songs I haven’t even heard of.

    I can’t believe you didn’t go for “You might hear some reindeer on your rooftop, or Jack Frost on your windowsill, but if someone’s climbing down your chimney, you better load your gun and shoot to kill…”

    Happy Holidays!

    • Oh, man. SHAME on me. Shave my head and parade me down the city streets! That would have been glorious and tied into a previous episode! How could I have missed that one?

      Maybe I’ll make that a bonus question on the show’s Instagram.

      • I loved the format and had the same thoughts. My suggestion: instead of a bonus this year, do it again next year with non-traditional Christmas songs. Two entries from Weird Al, one from Monty Python, plus Colin James, Randy Bachman’s “Takin’ Care of Christmas”, a “Star Wars Christmas”…

  2. 1: 10 (10)
    2: 8 (16)
    3: 7 (21)

    What is this “Spotify”? ;)

    I gave my niece and her fiance (our only in-town relatives) a burned CD, with a note on the cover saying it was to recall those olden time Christmases of yore when we… burned CDs.

    So many classic songs:

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