Dorky Geeky Nerdy #156 | Alien Movie Trivia

In space, no one can hear your trivia questions. This week, we dive into the dark void with Alien Movie Trivia. That is, movies from the Alien film franchise (not just films with aliens in them).

The first movie from 1979, was probably my first horror film, albeit heavily edited for television. But still, the franchise has stuck with me (and audiences) for a long time now.


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  1. My stomach is a bit …

    Dorky – 7 right, 7 correct – I don’t think I did too poorly.
    Geeky – 6 right, 3 correct – This is the point I realize I only saw each film once, sometime when they weren’t big hits.
    Nerdy – 4 right, 1 correct – Bad guess for working title? “Chestburster:The Musical!”

    I’ve read a few of the comics, but the fine details of this franchise always seems to elude me.

  2. I lost track of my score since I had to focus on driving on icy roads. I’m pleasantly shocked that I named the author of the novelization, since that was an educated guess. I’m also pleased I got all of the Covenent and AVP questions, having seen none of those movies. I also got one simply because it seemed like the kind of thing that actor would do, not because I actually possessed knowledge.

    So, definitely not a perfect score, but I still feel proud of myself.

      • I kind of enjoyed AvP: Requiem. Maybe it was because the first AvP was so bad and maybe because it took place in CO. Never saw Prometheus or Covenant. (They never seem to be on a streaming service I have)

        • Prometheus is the reason I haven’t seen Covenant. Charlize Theron complains that they are a given number of miles away from home, when they are several solar systems away, but the number she quotes only gets her to Jupiter. She runs from a large, rolling disk in a scene written in a canyon, but was changed to a valley to save money, only she forgets that she can just take four steps sideways and be saved. They merged two characters into one, so the one who yells at others for taking their helmets off when they don’t know what killed the astronauts before them and it may be an airborne pathogen becomes the same guy who later takes off his glove to pet the local wildlife.

          It was fantastic with little details, like having corporate branding in the android’s fingerprint, but the big details were seriously problematic.

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