Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2022 January 23

Feels like a short week, as Superman & Lois start off trying not to name the big bad in the mines (or JD has followed a red herring.)  Naomi gets her training montage this week.  The Legends go to a Time Travels bar, and I hope we get some nods to my other favorite time travelers.  (At least a police box or Delorean parked out front.)  Batwoman has a modified status quo, and spends the episode learning to live in it.  Boba Fett, Peacemaker, and Star Trek’s Prodigies all give us my most anticipated new episodes this week, but no descriptions.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any. (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click Continue reading →)]

Superman & Lois – S02E03 – The Thing in the Mines – Lois reaches out to Ret. General Lane as Clark’s visions become worse during heated arguments with both Jonathan and Jordan. Meanwhile, Lana shares her frustrations with Kyle. Lastly, Natalie learns that her father didn’t follow through on a promise he made to her.

Naomi – S01E03 – Zero to Sixty – Naomi gets guidance from Dee as she learns to harness her powers, all while juggling her everyday life as a teenager finishing her college application. And as Naomi’s obsession with uncovering answers has her and her friends engaging in dangerous behavior, Zumbado seeks out the help of an old friend to help further his plans.

The Book of Boba Fett – S01E05 – Chapter 5 – [No Description Giving]

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S07E10 – The Fixed Point – With the Legends tired of being chased by an evil A.I. and her robo-soliders, Sara decides to create an aberration that will allow the team to take back the Evil Waverider. However, they find themselves in a bar for time-travelers and quickly learn that this “fixed point” is popular with time-travelers, leaving Sara questioning her odds at winning. With Behrad and Astra growing closer, Zari and Spooner are forced to awkwardly interact with each other as the rest of the Legends are paired up on the mission. Meanwhile, Ava hears Gwyn’s plan to save his boyfriend, and is forced to remind him of the consequences in he succeeds.

Batwoman – S03E10 – Toxic – Batwoman’s hands are full as she juggles Jada’s demands, Mary’s ever-increasing power and a new romantic entanglement. Loyalties are tested and motives come into question as Batwoman races against the clock to once again save the city and those closest to her.

Peacemaker – S01E05 – Monkey Dory – [No Description Giving]

Star Trek: Prodigy – S01E09 – Episode 9 – [No Description Giving]

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  1. Hey, it would be great if I’m following red herrings. Doomsday’s been done to death (heheheheh) and, for that matter, Sarah having (1) shared a same-sex kiss at summer camp and (2) an unconventional female friend wouldn’t necessarily mean much of anything in the real word. And the first season did mislead us with “Captain Luthor.” But it’s the CW, so they’re generally under suspicion of being predictable until they prove otherwise.

    • Oh, I don’t doubt you at all. My instinct with a good show is to see the obvious thing they are going for, then figure that if I saw it, they must be planning to make me think I saw it and it’s a feint.

      …but this is the CW.

      • Actually, nice misdirection for CW. In a bizarre twist, it’s not Doomsday, which is why they were so quick to “leak” Doomsday online. And Sarah and Jordan are staying together for now (with the option to give her a girlfriend in the future if that doesn’t work out).

  2. The Book of Boba Fett’s title is a spoiler. Without it, the opening scene (and its tiny fake out) hit in exactly the way they wanted it to, and I loved it.

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