Dorky Geeky Nerdy #164 | Georgia Trivia

Looks like some trivia went down to Georgia looking for some points to steal. That’s right, this week’s episode of Dorky Geeky Nerdy is all about Georgia Trivia. Thirty trivia questions about the state, its history, and some of its famous residents. How are you faring against this season’s cluster of topics?

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  1. I’ve driven through Georgia on my way to Florida, and I think I even spent a night or two there, but never really ‘visited’ there.

    Dorky – 8 right, 8 points – Wait, you reference a ban but don’t tell us why? Off to research
    Geeky – 4 right, 8 points – I was close with the Olympics! I was alive and aware of that one.
    Nerdy – 1 right, 3 points – Curse you, Mercator projection!! There were so many that I felt like I knew or should have known, but was wrong.

    I am still drawing a blank on the ‘order’ for the season, and have concluded the answer is going to be ‘Order in which women’s rights were established’ or ‘order in which it became illegal to own another human’ or ‘Order of states where dancing was decriminalized’ or something else that humans should be embarrassed it took too long to do.

    • I find a perverse amount of pleasure in stumping you about the order. I shouldn’t, but I’m a petty, petty man. ;)

      I’ve debated giving more info in the answers. Part of me wants to and part of me says it breaks the flow. I shall sit upon my throne of facts and contemplate.

      • We’re not even 10% through the season, you can keep your secrets. I am sure once there are more than three clues I will figu….

        *Checks Wikipedia for a list of states, sorts by ….*

        Is next week Maine? If so, I think I figured this out. I see the clues you did left, very well done.

        If it’s not Maine, even better!

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