94th Annual Academy Awards Results

The results are in on this year’s Academy Awards. The award for Best Picture went to CODA, an AppleTV+ release, which won in all three of its nominated categories. The most nominated film, The Power of the Dog (Netflix) took home only Best Director. Denis Villenuve’s Dune took home 6 awards out of 10 nominations, giving it the greatest number of wins for the year. After Dune and CODA, the only film to win more than one award was The Eyes of Tammy Faye, which took home two. Trey Hooks and I should discuss CODA in the 99 Years, 100 Films podcast on September 28, 2027, which will be episode 94 in a 99 episode run.

5 replies on “94th Annual Academy Awards Results”

  1. Dune is the only movie on this list that I have seen or will bother to see.

    Now had they given Spider-Man some of the big nominations…..

    • See, this is why I avoid the Oscars. These trite celebrity Tik-Tok-Twitter-Type conflicts are a slap in the face to good entertainment.

      However, I have heard great things about the various big winners, long before the Oscars, and we’ll be seeing CODA soon.

      I am amused that The Eyes of Tammy Faye took Best Hair and Makeup. If you were around when Jim and Tammy were a thing, you know why.

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