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94th Annual Academy Awards Results

The results are in on this year’s Academy Awards. The award for Best Picture went to CODA, an AppleTV+ release, which won in all three of its nominated categories. The most nominated film, The Power of the Dog (Netflix) took home only Best Director. Denis Villenuve’s Dune took home 6 awards out of 10 nominations, giving it the greatest number of wins for the year. After Dune and CODA, the only film to win more than one award was The Eyes of Tammy Faye, which took home two. Trey Hooks and I should discuss CODA in the 99 Years, 100 Films podcast on September 28, 2027, which will be episode 94 in a 99 episode run.

Wakanda For An Oscar?

The 2018 Academy Awards nominees are out and, for the first time ever, a superhero movie has made it into the Best Picture Category. Black Panther probably won’t win, but it’s a nice nod to the genre that has certainly matured in the last decade.

What films are pleased to see on the list? Which one are you not? And which films do you think got snubbed?

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2017 Oscar Round-Up

For genre films it was (yet again) a quiet night:

  • Arrival – Sound Editing
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Costume Design
  • The Jungle Book – Visual Effects
  • Piper – Animated Short Film
  • Suicide Squad – Makeup and Hairstyling
  • Zootopia – Animated Feature Film

Which genre films did you think got what they deserved? Which were snubbed?

2011 Oscar Nominations

The 2011 Academy Award nominees are out today.

With the exception of Inception and Toy Story 3, genre films were pretty much relegated to the technical awards.

For the second year, we have 10 nominees for Best Picture and we get to speculate if genre films would even make the cut of five like there used to be.

One thing that did surprise me was Tron: Legacy not getting a nomination for Visual Effects. I was kind of hoping they could win one, just right the wrong of the first film being snubbed because “they used computers, and that’s cheating.”

So, what are your takes on the nominees and what genre films do you think will walk away with a statue?