Dorky Geeky Nerdy #181 | Pennsylvania Trivia

One more trip to the Thirteen Colonies, this time with Pennsylvania Trivia. How well do you know the state, its history, and its place in popular culture. Well, we’ve got thirty challenging questions that will test your trivia skills for this week’s episode of Dorky Geeky Nerdy.

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  1. This is going to be embarrassing, isn’t it? PA is really more of a “Pittsburgh”, “Phily”, and ‘Pensyltucky in between’ if you ask us. I know the Pittsburgh side pretty well…

    Dorky – 9 right, 9 points – I missed the sports question.
    Geeky – 7 right, 14 points – I missed the Phily movie question, got the Pittsburgh movie question.
    Nerdy – 5 right, 10 points – The Singer/Songwriter I know is from about an hour north of me: Trent Reznor (Though he wasn’t born here.) I note it because I feel like it’s an amusing polar opposite of the one who was in the question.

    The questions could have been more Pittsburgh based, but I am clearly very biased. My favorite fun fact:
    Pittsburgh has an H at the end of ‘Burg’, one of only three US cities that has it. Back in the early 1900s, they removed the H nationwide to standardize the spellings, but Pittsburgh (proud rebels we are) put ours back within a few years. Our local amusement park, Kennywood, was founded during the years missing the H, and we have a section for old rides called ‘Lost Kennywood’ that has a big archway with ‘Pittsburg’ written on it.
    (None of these details are fact checked, this is the real word-of-mouth history from a local.)

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