Michigan Trivia | Dorky Geeky Nerdy #189

If you’ve ever held up your hand and pointed to it to indicate where you were born, you’re probably from Michigan. Well, this week we’ve got you covered with some Michigan Trivia.

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3 replies on “Michigan Trivia | Dorky Geeky Nerdy #189”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Michigan, which is surprising.

    Dorky – 8 right, 8 points – Didn’t I hear that Michigan is more north than 50% of the population of Canada?
    Geeky – 4 right, 8 points – I almost forgot the answer I looked up last week, so it definitely was learning, not cheating.
    Nerdy – 4 right, 12 points – I got the rocker, but forgot he was from Michigan. Wayne would be so disappointed.

    I don’t think I did too poorly, huh.

    • Fun fact I left out: I met said rocker at a golf tournament in AZ. I was caddying for my dad at the Pro-Am and he wandered into the reception because he was curious why a twelve-year-old was in the golf club hanging out with older guys.

      He’s a delightful, friendly guy and is every bit as smart as he comes off in his movie portrayal.

      • That’s great to hear! He’s been a favorite in my household, and I think Marvel missed a golden opportunity to use “Black Widow” as her theme song the way they did with Iron Man.

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