Tech Acronyms (Minisode #4)

Hey gang. Ready for another minisode? This time, it’s a simple setup. I give you an acronym from the tech industry, you just have to tell me what it stands for. Really basic format.
OK, let’s go.

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3 replies on “Tech Acronyms (Minisode #4)”

  1. No Googling! (Which is how I typically get these.)

    7 – I answered all of them, but was a word off occasionally. Except Jpeg, I was way off.

    I feel horrible, the two I missed were close enough I should have had them, too.

  2. Majel, age ten:
    **embarrassed blank stares**

    **nervous laughter**

    “Website website website”

    Occasionally she says she knew a word, but otherwise she had no idea.

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