TV Theme Songs (Minisode #6)

We love a good TV Theme song. Especially when they’re catchy and singable. Well, this week’s minisode is all about them. I’ll give you the title of the theme song, you just tell me the show it was used for.

Got it?

Good. Let’s go.

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4 replies on “TV Theme Songs (Minisode #6)”

  1. Missed 3, only one of which I feel I should have known.

    That said, are these posts supposed to have a link to be able to listen to the podcast? Or is the fact that only the “Support this podcast” link works intentional? Just wondering, I don’t normally interact with these, and it was inconvenient to get there this time.

  2. Speaking of themes, this season’s theme for the podcast is great!

    DGN – 9 correct and points – I was up to date until the show I hadn’t seen. There was a show I hadn’t watched, ever, but I have the theme song because I love the band. I am surprised you didn’t include the one who’s name makes me laugh “Suicide is Painless“.

  3. @pythor: The plugin that pulls the RSS feed from doesn’t link back to the original post (which I should look into). I usually come in after the fact and embed the audio directly into the B42 post (which I’ve now done).

    @Lex: I did consider that one but thought it might be too hard since the show never plays the lyrics from the song (it’s just in the movie). Maybe for a future minisode.

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