Washington DC Trivia | Dorky Geeky Nerdy #200

Two-hundred episodes of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast? That calls for something special. So, this week, we’re taking a break from this season’s theme of US States to cover the US Capital with some Washington DC Trivia.

And we’ve got thirty questions all about the capital of the United States. Its history, its residents, and more.

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3 replies on “Washington DC Trivia | Dorky Geeky Nerdy #200”

  1. I’ve been there, and got a ticket for an illegal turn. It was back in the days when I had more time than sense, and I had driven there because I had nothing better to do. After getting the ticket, I took that as the sign I wasn’t wanted and turned around and drove home to Pittsburgh.

    Dorky – 7 right, 7 points –
    Geeky – 3 right, 6 points – “Before she was Willow–” *Blurts out the right answer*
    Nerdy – 5 right, 15 points –

    I was distracted, so I might have missed a right answer or two on my score, but I don’t think anyone will mind.

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