Before & After Movie Titles (Mini #8)

Hey gang, let’s do a minisode! This time, I’ve combined two movie titles together that share the last or first word in their title. I’ll give you the made up description and you sort out the merged title. I’ll give you an example: Tony Stark first dons his armor while Henry Cavil plays Superman. That would be Iron Man of Steel (which is a movie I’d totally watch). Got it? OK then. Let’s go.

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2 replies on “Before & After Movie Titles (Mini #8)”

  1. This is a weird concept. I’m in!

    Dorky, Geeky, Nerdy – 3 Points – …I don’t know a bout half of the answers, which is enough to sink me. What’s nice is that you know if you got it as soon as the titles click.

    Don’t let my low score fool you, this was a lot of fun, more would be welcome.

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