New Jersey Trivia

This is it, gang, the last state for Season Four of the show.

Hey everyone, I’m your host, Brian Rollins and this is episode 212 of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast. Our final regular episode of Season Four is New Jersey Trivia. After this, all 50 states have been covered.

If you’re looking for another state, check out They’re all there now.

Oh, and for those of you still paying attention, I’ll reveal the secret behind the order of these episodes this season after the show. So, stick around.

Let’s get started with…

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One reply

  1. Everything is legal in New Jersey.

    Dorky – 10 Right, 10 Points – A perfect score?
    Nerdy – 7 Right, 14 Points – Half points aren’t points.
    Geeky – 3 Right, 9 Points – Good questions, a lot I thought I would know, but had no clue.

    I can’t believe we went through all fifty states. What a trip!

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