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  1. Best movie based on a children’s book
    Lord of the Rings, of course, is the greatest book to movie adaption ever. For me it’s the greatest movie ever period (I count all three as one movie, btw). The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, while kind of a Lord of the Rings “lite”, is still excellent. It’s really unfair to compare it to LotR. Those books were not children’s books, and the whole world was much more developed and the scope of the story more epic. Wardrobe is a much simpler book, but the story is something children and adults can appreciate and enjoy. I had very few complaints, and most of those were from comparing it to LotR, which like I said really isn’t a fair comparison. Everyone should go see this movie. If you liked Lord of the Rings, you should thoroughly enjoy Narnia. And read the books if you haven’t read them recently (or at all).

  2. So-so movie
    It was visually very good, except for Aslan who at times just looked odd. The child actors and most of the extra cast were good, but again Aslan just sounded not with it – Liam Neeson is a wonderful actor but his voice isn’t really what this character needed, they needed someone with a much more booming voice. The story itself was ok but didn’t really give you empathy with many of the characters. Worth watching but definitely pales in comparison to similar titles.

    Knowing Disney they’ll milk it for everything they can, greedy monsters that they are.


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