Weekly Comics Discussion – December 14, 2005

Some of this
notables are listed below.

DC Comics

  • 100 Bullets #67 – a well reviewed title I haven’t
    been following.
  • Superman: True Brit – the softcover version of the
    plotted by John Cleese. I reviewed
    it when the
    hardcover came out, and wasn’t particularly impressed.
    Perhaps I’m
    just not British enough.
  • Villains United TPB – A collection that led into
    Infinite Crisis.

Marvel Comics

  • Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne Vol. 5 –
    I’ve read great
    things about Byrne’s run, but haven’t read it. I’ve
    got 44
    Years of the
    Fantastic Four
    on DVD-ROM, so I’ll be reading
    these eventually,
    but I’ve got to finish the Spider-Man set first.
    (Expect a review of
    each when I finish reading them, which may take
  • GLA Misassembled – Another series that sounds
    interesting but I
    can’t quite budget for.
  • New Avengers Most Wanted Files – I believe this is
    a rundown of
    the villains who escaped in the first New
    story arc,
    prioritized according to which ones Marvel has plans
    to use.
  • Punisher: Silent Night: A Punisher Christmas
  • Secret War Book Five – Well it’s about bloody
    time. When a
    quarterly series runs late, you’ve got problems. This
    isn’t as late
    as Spider-Man / Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do
    was, but
    it’s still late.
  • Son of M #1 – The first part of a six issue
  • Ultimate Iron Man #5 – The Orson Scott Card series
    wraps up. I’ll
    grab the TPB version.
  • Uncanny X-Men #467 – Along with Secret War, one of
    two items I’m
    picking up today. I’ve been collecting this lately as
    I’ll have every
    issue of the title ever published once 40 Years of

    finally ships, with the possible exception of a TPB or
    two in between
    where the DVD leaves off and the time I started
    collecting. The DVD
    should be out by the end of the year, possibly next
    week. A set for
    the Avengers is expected in January, and a DVD version
    of Spider-Man
    (which is only a slight upgrade from the CD-ROM set
    I’m reading,
    including only the annuals and what’s already
    collected) will be out
    after that. Rumour has it that Hulk is the next
    character on the
    list. I’d love to see Daredevil, as well.