Star Trek: Discovery to end with Season 5

That’s a wrap, folks! Additional filming will be done to make the Season Finale and Series Finale. Not great, but it’s better than nothing. The series has been divisive, to say the least, but it was starting to get good.

It sounds like Paramount is going into cost-cutting mode as these shows are expensive. Picard will also end with its current season, leaving us with only Strange New Worlds as a live-action series (Lower Decks has a third season coming and Prodigy has a second coming).

I’m sad to see it go, it was ambitious and it did kick off a resurgence in Trek as a franchise.

I have but one request: Can we get a Jet Reno series? Please?!

4 replies on “Star Trek: Discovery to end with Season 5”

    • I agree, particularly since it sounds like that series was Michelle Yeoh’s idea. Given the Oscar buzz for her, I suspect her availability and their unwillingness to do it without her are the primary reasons for the delay.

      • I don’t follow any of this, but I think it fits a Section 31 show perfectly if they have been in active development, filming, and would actually have it ready to release but haven’t made any of it public. 😆

  1. Discovery definitely improved with each season. I think Strange New Worlds has been doing a decent job of being Star Trek. The final season of Picard, however…. I don’t know we’ll make it to the end.

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