4 replies on “Crossword Clues Starting With D (Mini #16)”

  1. Yeah! More trivia!

    DGN – 9 right points – I was just on a Bee Gees run yesterday. It’s not dead!

    Also, Disembowel works as one answer, too. Same letter count and the meaning is close enough that it also works.

    I was going to type up a sentence to start that was a few words long alliteratively using the letter D, but my one cup of coffee only game me D’oh and Damn to start. Maybe E will turn out better.

    • Follow-up question: Do you have a link that would let us share the podcast on Mastodon? I went to the Anchor page, but not only did it not have a Mastodon link, it also didn’t have the mini-sodes.

      • Thanks for the reminder. I started looking into it, got distracted and promptly forgot to finish up. Every trip into Twitter is raw hell these days. I don’t WANT to see that stuff and yet their algorithm insists on shoving it in my face.

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