A Martian equivalent of Google Earth (with fewer pranksters), and some SF-seeming stories about dogs and pigs and, of course, con-going cosplayers, feature in this holiday Newspace. Links below:

A team at CalTech has assembled a 3-D model of Mars, somewhat along the lines of Google Earth. Find out how they managed without camera cars and check it out.

Difficult to eliminate “Super-pigs,” a mix of domestic porker and wild boar, are posing a cross-border problem. Find a fairly sober account here, and a more entertaining account here. If you want to help out, catch and kill your own Easter ham read and learn how you can “Squeal on a pig.”

Meanwhile, over at Chernobyl, evidence indicates that the wild dog packs are genetically different from those found elsewhere. The study and and subsequent coverage, at this point, cannot definitely say why this is the case but, where there’s radiation….

Or, if you just want some fun video, here are Chong Ahn and Marina Sharpe’s respective takes on Anaheim’s recent WonderCon ’23:

…or Patrick Goelz’s fine video of Cleveland’s recent Fan Expo: