Dungeons & Dragons Trivia | DGN #222

Get your dice ready and character sheet prepped because it’s game time.

Greeting adventures, I’m your host Brian Rollins and this is episode 222 of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast. For this week’s topic, we’ve got Dungeons and Dragons Trivia. That’s right, that classic roleplaying game from the 1970s that is still a big hit to this day. And, with the new movie in theaters, what better time to tackle the subject?

If you’re a new listener, welcome to the party. Every week, DGN has a new topic and thirty trivia questions. I ask and you answer. It’s like your own private Jeopardy game without that contestant interview in the middle.

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One reply

  1. I love D&D! Obligatory ‘My character is…’ Fonkin Ningel. a gnome druid/artificer who currently is turned yellow with blue stripes. He recently got a bag of tricks and got a giant goat out of it. Here’s my image of him atop it with his homunculus servant:

    🎼 🎵”I’m on a GOAT! I’m on a GOAT, everybody look at me cause I’m riding on a GOAT!” 🎶

    Dorky – 9 points, 9 correct – Which series re-popularized it? I got it right, but that’s a debatable point. I’d have been perfect but I rolled a Nat1 on the actor name (named the wrong one, but I knew exactly who you meant.)
    Geeky – 10 points, 5 correct
    Nerdy – 9 points, 3 correct

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